Take the City's Parks and Outdoor Recreation Survey

Wed, September 7, 2022

Our community survey on the City's parks and outdoor recreation spaces is now open for your input! What activities do you enjoy participating in outdoors? What parks and trails do you enjoy in Prince Rupert? Let us know by clicking the link below and completing our survey! The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and will be available until September 19, 2022. By completing the survey, you’ll be entered to win a Fitbit.

Take the Survey

This survey is the first engagement opportunity for community members to participate in the development of the City's Rupert Plays Outdoor Parks and Recreation Plan, which will guide planning and decision-making around parks and outdoor recreation over the next five to ten years. The Rupert Plays Plan will identify opportunities to enhance the pedestrian experience along trails and the waterfront, locations for new parks, parks to upgrade, and connections between parks, other destinations, and surrounding communities. Another goal is to enable Prince Rupert residents and visitors to more easily enjoy the natural beauty of Kaien Island. The Plan will align with existing plans, and work towards the City’s vision of becoming a world-class port city that is vibrant, resilient, sustainable, and a place that the community is proud to call home. The planning process will include a review of existing parks and outdoor recreation amenities, visioning, and recommendations for improving the experience for all park and trail users.

Rupert Plays will be prepared through a five-phase process. Details on upcoming engagement opportunities will be shared on the City's website, Rupert Talks Project Page, as well as through the City’s social media channels. Stay connected and check back here for updates on this exciting project!