Notice re: Snow Removal

Wed, January 18, 2023

With last nights snowfall, City crews and contractors are out in full force to work on snow removal with available forces and equipment. Unfortunately a combination of equipment break downs and a high number of downed power lines in the community is making for a challenging environment for snow removal. BC Hydro and Citywest are out attending to the situation, and we ask that you give them space to work. Due to current road conditions, we are also asking drivers to proceed with extreme caution today, and to follow all posted traffic/detour signage and controllers.

A few additional notes/asks -

  • Be aware that a number of streetlights are operating as four way stops, and to ensure you follow the rules there to avoid confusion and potential accidents
  • Give a wide berth to vehicles in front of you, and oncoming traffic where you can
  • Be on extra special look out for pedestrians, given it stays dark for quite awhile these days and mornings are when kids head to school