Update on Official Community Plan and Launch of New Surveys

Thu, August 6, 2020

Please see below for an update newsletter from the Mayor on the status of the Official Community Plan renewal project, as well as opportunities for additional public input. Note that this newsletter along with a number of surveys will be sent to Prince Rupert households in the coming week or two.

Mayor's Newsletter Update + Round Two of Official Community Plan Surveys are Now Live 

As many of you may already be aware, in January the City began work to update our Official Community Plan (OCP), the long term document that provides direction for municipal policy for the next decade or more. This work builds on a number of previous community efforts to consider its future including the recent Redesign Rupert collaboration and its resulting Vision 2030 plan, as well as work completed as part of the City’s Planning for Major Projects initiative and the 2030 Sustainable City policy objective document. Our work on the OCP began with checking in with Prince Rupert residents to see their level of support for the broad directions being recommended by the 2030 Vision. Overall survey results showed very strong support of the Vision 2030 recommendations from those who responded. 

The first OCP survey we conducted was available in February and March of this year. There were over 600 visits to the OCP page on the Rupert Talks website and 125 surveys were completed, including several paper surveys that were available at the Recreation Complex, Public Library, and City Hall. Support from the survey respondents for elements of Vision 2030 are available in a Summary Report of the survey, available on the OCP Project page of Rupert Talks at engage.princerupert.ca or available at the front desk of City Hall. 

The responses to the different elements in the Vision 2030 strategy show very strong support for each element, including Active Recreation Planning, downtown revitalization, indigenous inclusion, and arts/culture and open space frameworks, among other areas. In fact, there was very little disagreement with any aspect in the 2030 vision. Accordingly, the 2030 vision is having a major influence on the content of our updated OCP. To check out the 2030 Vision Plan directly, go to https://www.redesignrupert.ca/prince-rupert-2030. 

The results of the survey also indicate that residents strongly value the diverse and inclusive nature of the Prince Rupert community, and highly value its environmental qualities. Respondents want the City to improve its physical infrastructure, revitalize the City Core, have more waterfront access, and see a need for encouraging a variety of housing types. 

In addition to the policy areas addressed by Vision 2030, the new OCP is proposed to address a number of other policy areas, including: 

1)    Sewer, water and road infrastructure 

2)    Climate change/greenhouse gas emissions

3)    Food systems/food security

4)    Social and cultural services

We would like you to express your views on each of these areas. To do this we will have included with this newsletter four additional  short surveys (linked below). Paper surveys are also being distributed to households that can be completed and dropped off at the City Hall mail slot (on the Charles Hays statue side of the building).   Surveys must all be completed by September 11th, 2020. Following the completion of the survey and collection of results, the City will host an on-line town hall to allow for further discussion and input from community members

In addition to having input into these other policy areas, you can continue to provide comment on the proposed land use framework for our City. Go to https://engage.princerupert.ca/official-community-plan-update/ and click on the “Places” tab to place comments on our interactive map.  Other sources of information on the OCP will include informational videos on our website and on Channel 10, as well as the existing Official Community Plan, the Redesign 2030 Vision and other inputs that have been considered during the renewal of our OCP.

In September we will be scheduling short meetings with anyone that wants to come and speak with the Mayor and Planner about the draft OCP. You can sign up for one of these by contacting Executive Assistant, Brianne Bunko at brianne.bunko@princerupert.ca to set up an appointment. 

Finally, we appreciate and value your time and contribution in providing your input as we update our OCP. As a small thank you we will be giving ten $50 gift cards to randomly selected people that submit completed questionnaires. If you want to be in this selection, please provide your name and address at the end of the survey. All survey responses will be kept anonymous, and contact information will only be used to reach out to winners of the prize draw.

In your service, 

Mayor Lee Brain 


Take the surveys below! 

Infrastructure Survey

Climate Change Survey

Food Systems Survey

Social Services Survey


Additional Information   

The OCP is an important bylaw that describes the long-term vision of community development in Prince Rupert. It includes objectives and policies that guide decisions on planning and land use management, the form and character of development, as well as defining social, economic and environmental policies. An OCP review and updating involves significant public involvement from start to finish to ensure that its goals and policies reflect community concerns and hopes for the future. The City’s existing OCP was adopted in 2007 and is now 13 years old. Much has happened since the current plan was adopted, including the notable uptick in port development.

Follow the link for a video explaining the purpose of the Official Community Plan