Update on Fulton Street Project

Fri, September 4, 2020

UPDATE: Following repaving of the area on Saturday, this project is now complete. Thank you for your patience. 

Weather dependent, the City anticipates the reopening of the Fulton Street and 6th Avenue construction area by the end of next week, with pavement to follow shortly after. In the meantime, we ask that drivers avoid the intersection all together, if possible, as per the map below. If you do need to use 6th Avenue, we'd like to remind drivers to be mindful of traffic signs (eastbound) noting no through traffic, as we have experienced near misses with drivers not adhering to signage in the area. We do appreciate the inconvenience as schools return to session next week, and assure you that we are working as hard as possible to complete the work, given the significant weather constraints we have experienced this season. Thank you for your patience.