Tsunami Evacuation Procedure Brochure Delivered to Households

Mon, June 18, 2018

Keep an eye on that mailbox! This week the City is distributing brochures to every household in Prince Rupert that describe Tsunami Emergency Preparedness procedures.


See below for a link to the informational brochure that will be delivered to households:

Prince Rupert Tsunami Emergency Preparedness Brochure


This brochure also directs residents to sign up for emergency alerts. The new emergency alert system will provide voice alerts to landlines, text message alerts to mobile users, as well as email alerts to subscribed residents and visitors in case of a local emergency.  As emergency personnel gather more information during an emergency, real-time updates can be provided directly to subscribers regarding local conditions and instructions. This program will complement the new Provincial Alert System by providing residents more context and information on local emergency conditions. If you haven’t signed up already, you can subscribe yourself and family members at www.princerupert.ca/emergency. Once subscribed, you will receive a message confirming you've been registered. 


The City will also be doing a full test of the emergency alert system Wednesday, June 26th at 6pm, and would like to register as many people as possible for the program ahead of the test. Please note - due to privacy restrictions, this is a subscription based service. You MUST subscribe in order to receive alerts. Please share this information widely among friends and family. 


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