Curbside Recycling



Curbside recycling is coming to Prince Rupert!

Please note: the introduction of curbside recycling has been postponed to January 1, 2022. Please see the City’s news release for more details.

The City of Prince Rupert is pleased to announce that it will be providing curbside recycling pickup service to residents beginning in January of 2022. The City has been working towards the introduction of this program for several years, and is excited to be launching this new service for residents.

Details of the program and answers to common questions are included below. Don’t see what you’re looking for below? Check on this page again over the coming weeks and months leading up to the program rollout as it will be updated with the most current information as soon as it’s available.


Will I be receiving the new recycling pickup service?

All residential addresses that currently receive solid waste pickup service from the City of Prince Rupert will be served by the new curbside recycling program. Multi-family dwellings served by private waste collection contractors will not be receiving this service from the City.


When will curbside pickup for recyclables begin?

All eligible households will begin receiving curbside service beginning the week of January 1st, 2022. Some households may begin receiving service in the weeks leading up to that date as part of a “soft launch” of the program. More information will be provided on every resident’s eligible start date in the weeks and months leading up to the official start date for all households of January 1st.   

What kinds of materials will be collected?

The City’s curbside recycling program will collect all paper, metal, and rigid plastic consumer print and packaging materials. This includes newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes, and cartons, as well as aluminum, tin, steel, and hard plastic containers. A visual guide to the included materials and the most common excluded materials is included below.

Soft plastics (like plastic bags and overwrap material) glass, Styrofoam and hazardous materials (such as propane canisters, batteries, paint, or biological waste) will not be collected. Many of these excluded materials will continue to be accepted at the North Coast Regional District Recycling Depot. Please check to see what materials can be accepted directly at the depot outside of the curbside pickup program.


Do I need to provide my own recycling bin?

No. The City will be providing new recycling and garbage bins to every household receiving solid waste pickup services in July 2021. These bins will be sturdy upright wheeled bins with hinged lids. The recycling bins being provided will have 240L of capacity while the garbage bins will have a 120L capacity.


What do I do if I have not received my bins?

If you believe you are entitled to receive bins from the City but have not received them, contact to request that your bins be delivered. Please provide your name, telephone number and home address, and if you are eligible for curbside collection service, City staff will make arrangements with you to deliver a new set of bins to your address.


What if I have more garbage than can fit in my garbage bin?

The City-provided garbage bin should be large enough to accommodate the 2 bags of garbage permitted under the Solid Waste Bylaw to be collected every week. If you have more than 2 bags, you may purchase additional Bag Tags from City Hall to allow them to be collected. All bags provided for collection must be placed in a bin, so if your bags do not all fit in the City-provided bin, please place them in a separate bin that you provide.


Can I get a larger bin for my garbage?

The City has heard that many residents would like additional capacity in their garbage bins, and is making arrangements to have larger bins provided to those who request them. A request form will be available to residents shortly. Updates on how to make a request for a larger bin will be posted to this page and the City’s Facebook page.


What are the dimensions of the city-provided bins?

The 240L bins are 43 ¼” (109.9cm) tall, 24 ½” (62.2cm) wide, and 27 ½” (69.9cm) deep, while the 120L bins are 37 5/8” (95.5cm) tall, 19 1/8” (48.6cm) wide, and 21 1/16” (53.5cm) deep.


Will I need to sort my recyclables into separate bins?

No. The City is providing single-stream collection at this time, meaning all of your eligible recyclable material will be able to be placed in the same recycling bin. However residents should make sure to only include eligible materials in their recycling bin, and be careful not to include common contaminants such as Styrofoam, glass, food waste, or plastic bags.


Will I need any special bags for my recyclable materials?

No. In fact, no bags will be accepted as part of curbside recyclable pickup. All recyclable material will need to be placed loose in the bin to allow for the easy removal of any ineligible or contaminated materials by City collectors.


Will the City be collecting yard waste?

Not at this time. The curbside collection program beginning in January 2022 will deal only with paper, metal and plastic print and packaging material as described above.


Can I continue to use my existing garbage bin?

The City asks that all residents use the new bins they will be provided for both their garbage and recyclable materials. These bins are compatible with a lifting mechanism on the City’s collection vehicle, which reduces the risk of workplace injury from lifting hundreds of heavy bags and bins each day. If more garbage or recycling needs to be collected from a household than can fit into the provided bins then residents can use their own bins for any additional material until the process for requesting larger bins is in place. 


Who should I contact if I have any other questions?

If you have any other questions or comments about the program, please direct them to