Cities are places where people can live, learn, work, visit and play. They should also have a wide range of services such as schools, parks, health care, stores, restaurants, transportation, etc. Vibrant and attractive cities lure residents, visitors and businesses. 
In Prince Rupert, various City Department from time to time initializes various projects and inititives to guide the way the city looks and grows. City Planning works with the community and Mayor & Council to set goals and policies for development, while keeping the quality of life of Prince Rupert Citizens in mind. 
Good planning leads to orderly growth and helps us to have the type of community we want. 
The following are recently completed or on going city plans or projects.
Airport Authority Loan

With the Northwest Transportation Corridor continuing to be chosen as the preferred gateway to North America, the airport is in a position to contribute to the economic development of the area.

Antenna System Policy
As our dependency on telecommunications has increased exponentially, antennas and towers are more present in the main urban areas and more often than not a source of frustration.
Planning for Major Projects

In early 2014, Council identified Planning for Major Porjects as one of their top priorities. This endorsed the work in progess and accelerated the planning process based on indicators.

Waterfront East Land Use
The goal is to review the current planning guidelines and regulations, as prioritized in Council Strategic planning sessions, to ensure alignment with continuous community based efforts to maximized benefits of the waterfront.