Paving on George Hills Way and Drydock Road

Mon, July 15, 2019

As part of the City’s capital paving program, Adventure Paving has commenced with milling George Hills Way and Drydock Road. We apologize that more advanced notice was not provided, but the project schedule was advanced unexpectedly.

'No Parking' signs were posted in advance of paving this weekend to enable the work to start first thing Monday. However, if users have parked their vehicles on the road, if necessary they may be relocated further up the street or onto the boulevard to allow the contractor to complete the project.  Once the milling commences we anticipate it will take 2 days to complete.  Paving will commence as soon as weather permits.

Please obey all signs that have been installed by the contractor as well as on-site traffic controllers. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused users.