Notice re: Removal of Moresby Fuel Tank

Sat, November 9, 2019

If you’ve been through Moresby Park area recently, you may have noticed some brush clearing and crews working surrounding one of three remaining Department of National Defense (DND) fuel tanks left in the area. During WWII, these tanks were used for refueling purposes for US military vessels. The City took ownership of the tanks in the late 1950s, and despite multiple attempts to request assistance in removing the environmental liability from both the DND and Federal government, these requests have been unsuccessful, so we are now removing them ourselves.

As the City was aware we would need to have the tanks removed, years ago we began putting away money towards their eventual removal and remediation. We had hoped to remove all of the tanks at once, but unfortunately due to the cost to remove them properly, we are only currently able to remove the one which poses the greatest potential risk to the surrounding environment. To fully remove this potential hazard, Sumas consulting has been hired treat and dispose of the water and separate the fuels and other contaminants for safe disposal at approved facilities. The tank will then be cleaned, and the remaining steel will be recycled, as feasible. Moving forward, the City will continue to set aside funds to remove the remaining tanks as soon as we are able. We ask that community members give workers space to conduct this important work.