Council Corner Update - April 8th, 2019

Tue, April 9, 2019

See below for a summarized update from last night's Council Meeting. Summaries from past meetings are available on the Council Corner Archive page of our website as well.


Update from Council Meeting — April 8th, 2019

  • Council approved a Development Variance Permit Application  at 1034 1st Avenue West, following no public comment at the meeting.
  • Council heard a report from the Chief Financial Officer requesting direction on the 2019 Budget. This included a number of changes that were identified in the intervening period between when the budget was developed, and the request for direction. These changes include:
  • An additional one time increase in Federal Gas tax of $600,000. Finance has requested to dedicate $500,000 of additional Gas Tax funds towards the roads budget, and $20,000 towards purchase of electric vehicle charging stations as directed by Council at the previous meeting. Remaining funds are set aside for approval for future eligible projects.
  • Additional information on the Provincial infrastructure capital injection of $8.1 million was received. Staff has requested to put this funding into a specific reserve to be dedicated to anticipated capital expenses.
  • A projected additional cost of the Airport Ferry Refit project of $350,000 (currently in dry dock), which staff has requested come from the $8.1 million capital funding mentioned above.  
  • Following a discussion of Council, direction was provided to staff to move forward in developing the 5 year Financial Plan Bylaw and Property Tax bylaw incorporating the suggestions above. This budget includes a 2% reduction in property taxes, return of 2 additional RCMP Officers, return of an additional Bylaw Officer, purchase of a garbage truck with capacity for recycling, and funds set aside to service anticipated future debt to build a new mandated RCMP building.

Council Corner Update - April 8th, 2019