City Seeking Volunteers for Home Water Quality Testing

Fri, May 10, 2019

The City of Prince Rupert and Northern Health are teaming up to help you better understand water quality in your home. We are looking for up to 75 households in the community to participate in a free water quality testing program that will help test for metal contaminants in your home water supply.

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Is my drinking water safe?

The City of Prince Rupert treats and regularly tests its water to ensure it is safe to drink. Nevertheless there are sources of contaminants that may be present in individual homes in Prince Rupert, resulting from historic use of plumbing fixtures containing lead. Lead has been limited or banned from new plumbing fixtures, but if your plumbing was installed or replaced prior to 2013, you may be at increased risk of exposure. If you do live in a home where plumbing materials containing lead may still be in place, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce or eliminate risk, which are described in the notice linked below:

Tips to Reduce Home-Source Lead in Drinking Water


Additional Information

Additionally, we know that the Boil Water Notice that ended in February brought up many concerns from community members regarding water quality, and we want to help you understand the issues. The project page for water quality sign up also has several informational resources and videos, listed in the column to the right.