To inform the direction of planning and policy development with the respect to major projects, the City of Prince Rupert commissioned and led several studies to understand our needs. See below for the full list of completed studies:



The City has conducted an extensive survey of local infrastructure to assist in developing City infrastructure priorities, support understanding of budgetary requirements, and inform future grant applications and briefings to senior levels of Government. 

Final Report:

City of Prince Rupert KPMG Report - 2015



A major concern for Prince Rupert City Council is ensuring that housing is available and stock is renewed to support future growth and development in our community. To that end, the City has conducted surveys of non-market and market housing needs, as well as assessments of the existing housing stock. 

Final Report(s):

Affordable Housing Report Final - October 2015 
Prince Rupert Secondary Suites Final October 2015 

Presentations to Council and Early Materials:

Council Presentation - July 7, 2014
Housing Indicator - Base Line Measurements PP 
2014 Housing Survey 
Community Engagement Report - September 30, 2014 
Report to Council - October 6, 2014
Council Meeting - October 6, 2014 - (33min start time) 
Council Resolution - Housing Strategy Action Plan - October 6, 2014 
Salvation Army Christmas Hampers Survey - December 2015 
Identifying Prince Rupert Housing Needs - March 31, 2015 
City of Prince Rupert Non-Market Housing Inventory - April 7, 2015 
Go Plan Non-Market Housing Survey - August, 2015 

Land Base

As industrial and port-related development increases in the City of Prince Rupert, so does demand on our land base. The City has undertaken several studies of our land base to understand what land assets are available and what their potential limitations may be. 

Final Report(s):

Environmental Suitability Assessment (Oct. 2015) 

Presentations to Council and Early Materials:

Council Presentation - July 28, 2014 
Land Base Indicator - Taking Stock of Opportunities and Demand PP 



Prince Rupert’s population has seen several impacts based on real and proposed industrial development in our area. Existing statistical estimates of Prince Rupert’s population are produced infrequently and do not take into account migration due to proposed major projects (ie. the influx of construction labourers, contractors and others who accompany interest in the development of a major industrial project). In-migration related to major construction projects was/is expected to drive demographic changes in Prince Rupert. To understand this need and anticipate impacts, the City has produced our own population estimates by conducting the Go Plan Survey. Results from the survey and related presentations to Council are listed below.

Final Report:

Go Plan Survey - Final Report - August, 2015 

Presentations to Council and Early Materials:

Power Point Council Update - August 17, 2015
Workshop Background and Introduction - May 4, 2015 
Statement of Objectives - May 11, 2015 
Go Plan Survey Questionnaire - May 22, 2015 
Go Plan Survey Enumerators Training – June 8, 2015 
Enumerators Training Manual – June 8, 2015 
Go Plan Survey of Seafest – June 13, 2015
Preliminary Numbers from the Go Plan Population Survey – July 20, 2015