Council Corner Update - September 17th, 2018

Wed, September 19, 2018

See below for an update from the Council Meeting held Monday, September 17th, 2018.

Council Corner Update:

  • Council revewed an application for a Development Variance Permit from O’Brien’s Maintenance Yard to vary the height requirement on a proposed out-building to store salt. Council Voted for the application to proceed to final consideration. 
  • Council received the July 2018 Financial Variance Report for information purposes. As of July of this year, operational expenditures are on budget, while capital projects are ongoing.  As mentioned in the August meeting, the majority of budgeted funds for the Woodworth dam project will be carried forward into 2019 when most of the work will be conducted.
  • Council voted  to implement free transit services for the 2018 municipal election day, Saturday, October 20th, to increase accessibility to the voting location at the Recreation Complex and encourage voter turnout.
  • The Mayor reported on topics discussed at the 2018 UBCM Conference attended by members of Council and Staff. Topics included the Port Property Tax Caps, Ridley Island Tax Sharing Agreement, and major infrastructure needs like the City’s 3rd phase of the water improvement project.
  • The Mayor also reported on correspondence sent by the Provincial Ministry of Transportation regarding planned fall and spring improvements to the Highway 16 corridor through downtown. These improvements include the replacement of existing lights with LED lights, pedestrian countdowns to be implemented on all existing pedestrian controlled crosswalks, improved line paint, and a design study of the intersection of McBride and 2nd Avenue.