Council Corner Update - December 7th, 2020

Wed, December 9, 2020

Missed Monday's Council Meeting? See below for a summary of the main items discussed. For past Council summaries, go to our Council Corner Archive. 

  • Council received the October financial variance report from the Chief Financial Officer, who reported no additional significant variances apart from those presented in past meetings. It was noted that some capital projects have been postponed until 2021, and all current capital projects underway for 2020 are within budget.
  • Council released two appointments from the Closed Meeting to the Tourism Prince Rupert Board -  Craig Outhet and Michael Cote.
  • Council approved the Water Utility Management, Sanitary and Storm Sewer Management and Solid Waste Management Amendment Bylaws. The Amendment Bylaws put into place the following incremental increases to the utility fees over the next 4 years to account for inflationary costs.
    • Solid waste - 2% increase in each year starting in 2021
    • Water - 4% increase in 2021, 2% thereafter for the remaining three years
    • Sanitary/Sewer - 0% increase in 2021, 2% thereafter for the remaining three years
  • These increases are less than the previous rate increases of 3% per year, which was implemented during the last adoption of four-year fee bylaws. Utilities are self-funding for operations, with all funds collected going towards the operating cost of the respective utility.
  • Council also passed a new Cemetery Fees and Charges Amendment Bylaw, which will see an increase of  2% and a minor adjustment to the care fund which helps to maintain the memorials. New columbaria are also planned to be installed in 2021, and the fees reflect new options that will be available with this change.  
  • Council passed First and Second Readings of Zoning Bylaw 3462, amended to remove the requirement for owner occupation of homes containing secondary suites, and ensuring the inclusion of the M1 zone as a permitted area for containers, with aesthetics related to container usage regulated by Development Permit Guidelines.  
  • Council also passed First and Second Readings of the OCP Bylaw 3460, with some slight amendments to be provided by Council to the contracted Planner for incorporation prior to the Public Hearing.
  • It was noted that Public Hearings for the OCP and Zoning bylaws will be delayed to the new year due to COVID, with staff to incorporate the amendments and make necessary referrals in the intervening period, and contemplate scheduling in the new year following updated guidelines from the Province.
  • The Mayor made note of a new fundraising effort to be tracked on the outside of City Hall to support the connection of the Salvation Army’s Fraser Street food bank into their Grenville Court location. The Salvation Army is seeking $80,000 towards a $95,000 project – with the City contributing $15,000 in 2021 in the form of a Community Enhancement Grant. Special thanks to Northern Savings for sponsoring fundraising signage. Donations towards the Food Bank Upgrade project can be made at the front desk of City Hall, with receipts provided to donors by the Salvation Army. Please note that although drop ins at City Hall are accommodated, due to limited access to the customer service area, to ensure timely service it is recommended to book an appointment by calling (250) 627 0934. Thank you in advance to those willing/able to provide your support to this important project which will enable the Salvation Army to continue to provide critical programming to the many in need in our community.