Home Energy Survey

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This survey will ask you about the way you use energy in your home. We'll be asking you questions about, what types of energy you use, how much you spend on energy each month, and how your home is built to retain heat. Your answers to this survey are entirely confidential, and will be used to help the City of Prince Rupert design programs which can help local homeowners improve the energy efficiency of their homes. If you'd like to discuss the results of your survey, and see how your home compares to others in the area, you can contact the city at energysurvey@princerupert.ca .


Home Energy Use

In this section of the survey, we'll be asking you some questions about how you use energy in your home. Please answer to the best of your ability. For the questions regarding energy spending, please try to estimate your costs on a monthly basis. For instance, if your gas or hydro bill are paid every two months, estimate your monthly cost for that energy by dividing your typical bill by 2.