Cow Bay Shopping District:
Cameron Cove acquired the name of “Cow Bay” in the early days of Prince Rupert, when the first herd of dairy cows arrived there and had to swim ashore because no dock had yet been built. A waterfront area of historic buildings, many of them built on pilings over the water, this area is today a funky shopping district where visitors can book area tours, visit a variety of boutiques, including souvenir and gift shops, or relax in one of several restaurants and coffee shops.
Historic Downtown Shopping District:
Prince Rupert developed as the terminus of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad, and retained the look of a thriving frontier community as the years went by. Many of these pioneer buildings still form the core of Historic Downtown Prince Rupert, which is today our general shopping district. Visitors will find grocery and department stores, and a wide variety of shops and galleries, in a scenic setting with fountains, gardens and totem poles sprinkled among the historic architecture.
Rupert Square Shopping Centre:
The Rupert Square shopping centre is located on 2nd Avenue in the heart of downtown Prince Rupert. It has been open to the public since 1974. The 20 businesses located in the mall offer a wide range of services and products. 
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