Airport Ferry

Airport Ferry:


The Airport of Prince Rupert is located on Digby Island. It is 35 meters above sea level. The airport comprises one runway, one passenger terminal and two aircraft stands. The airport is served by Air Canada from Vancouver International Airport. 
Most passengers reach downtown Prince Rupert by the Airport Bus and Ferry Service, which meets each scheduled airline arrival and departure. This service is operated by the City of Prince Rupert. Some passengers may continue their journey via helicopter from the helicopter landing pad, or by seaplane from the Digby Island dock.
For up-to-the-minute Airport or bus and ferry information, including delays, call (250) 622-2222 or visit

Ferry Schedule:


The Digby Island Ferry service is operated by the City of Prince Rupert. It connects Digby Island with downtown Prince Rupert.
Ferry Rates:
  • Passenger fare included in Airline Ticket
  • Private Vehcile under 2,300 kg GVW Round Trip: $40.00 (Interac, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover or Cash)
  • Commercial Vehicle under 2,300 kg GVW Round Trip: $100.00
  • All vehicles 2,300 to 11,500 kg GVW Round Trip: $130.00


For Ferry information call 250-624-3355
For Digby Island Taxi call 250-600-3276
Please see the Digby Island Ferry Daily Sailing Schedule for more information. EVERYONE OTHER THAN AIRLINE PASSENGER CARRIERS, Please be at the dock and ready to load at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.


Air Canada Jazz Bus & Flights:


The pick-up and drop off location is the Prince Rupert Airport Shuttle Centre located at the Prince Rupert Hotel.