Garbage & Recycling

Garbage Routes 2017/2018:

The five different areas on the map below represent the garbage breakdown areas. To determine the date for garbage collection in your area, please click on the calendar to bring up the schedule.
If you are located on the "boundary border", and are uncertain as to your collection date, please call us at 250-624-5482.

Residential Waste Pickup:

Residential solid waste must be placed in large durable garbage bags (minimum of 76 cm x 80 cm to a maximum of 90 cm x 127 cm in size), properly tied or closed.  These filled garbage bags shall be placed in a proper metal or plastic garbage can and set out by 8:00 am on the scheduled day for collection, not more than 4 feet back from the curb or traveled portion (whichever is applicable) of the collection roadway, in a location clearly visible to collection workers. Workers will not go back for late or missed garbage.

All garbage bags, in excess of two (2) must have a tag affixed to each of them or they will not be collected. Tags can be purchased at City Hall and the Recreation Centre.

Residential pickup operates on the “add-a-day system”, which means that the day for collection of solid waste advances by one day following any holiday recognized by the City.   Check the Collection schedule and map.  The color code for your area will always remain the same.  If you do not know the color code for your area, please call 250.624.5482.

“Unacceptable Wastes for City Collection Service” – the following waste materials will not be collected by City collection workers and shall not be placed by any person in any container or other location for collection by the City: cardboard, garden waste, grass clippings, leaves, hedge clippings, trees, rocks, discarded furniture, demolition or construction waste, metal scraps, dead animals, oversized items of any kind, industrial wastes, prohibited wastes, controlled wastes and trade wastes.



Recycling services are provided by the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District (SQCRD) and are funded through taxation and the sale of recyclables. The Regional Recycling Depot is located in Prince Rupert.
Regional Recycling Depot
251 Kaien Road
Tel: 250-624-2455
The following items are not accepted for recycling: 
• Hazardous waste 
Household and marine paint, solvents, pesticides, gasoline and their containers ARE accepted (25L/person/day).
Operating Hours
8:30am - 4:30pm Mon to Fri
10:00am - 2:00pm Sat
CLOSED Sunday and all Statutory Holidays

New 24Hr Transfer Station Opening Fall 2014 will accept residential materials!

View the Waste Watchers' Directory
View the New Residential Recycling Guidelines (Multi-Material BC)
For more information regarding residential recycling in the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District, go to the SQCRD's recycling page or to Multi- Material BC.

Outdoor Power Equipment Recycling:


The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC) is a non-profit organization representing the outdoor power equipment industry in Canada. 

The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute of Canada (OPEIC) Recycling Program Program gives is the only government-approved outdoor power equipment recycling program in B.C. 
As of July 1, 2012, British Columbians are able to recycle products ranging from chain saws, garden sprayers and lawn mowers to pressure washers, mulchers and wood chippers. 
OPEIC collection site is setup in Prince Rupert for you to conveniently drop off your old or broken outdoor power equipment at no charge. 
Nearest permanent OPEIC location is: 
Seasport Outboard Marina
295 - 1st Ave E 
Prince Rupert, BC 
8:30am - 5:30pm Mon to Fri
9:00am - 5:00pm Sat
CLOSED Sunday and all Statutory Holidays
* Gasoline and oil should be drained and removed from fuel-powered products prior to taking htem to a collection site. For gasoline disposal, visit and for oil disposal, visit
For a complete list of accepted outdoor power equipment, or if you have futher questions, please visit or call 1-888-772-9772.