Development Permits

Various development permits are required to ensure that all new developments within the City are consistent with the goals outlined within our Official Community Plan, as well as with our development regulations. 

To determine if you require any of the following permits, contact the City of Prince Rupert Planning Department at (250) 627-0996 or email

Development Permit: 
Development Permits allow property owners to construct, renovate or make additions to a structure, erect a major sign, or develop on private properties that are located within a Development Permit Area. A Development Permit is required before a Building Permit can be issued. 

Development Permit Application

Brochure - Development Permit 

Development Variance Permit: 
Development Variance Permits are required when a proposed development does not meet a requirement of the regulating bylaw. Development Variance Permits cannot be used to vary issues of use or density as prescribed by the zoning bylaw. 

Development Variance Permit Application

Brochure - Development Variance Permit

Minor Works/Minor Sign Permit: 
Most signs on private property require a Development Permit or a Minor Works/Minor Sign Permit before a Building Permit can be issued. Enquire at City Hall before erecting a sign, exchanging an old sign for a new one, or constructing a new sign on your property. 

Minor Works/Minor Sign Permit Application

Handout – Process for Approving Signage

See above Development Permit brochure for more information on the application process for Minor Works and Minor Signs.