Update on 2017 Public Budget Consultations

March 21, 2017

Residents - please see below for the presentation from the Public Budget Consultation on March 15th. The presentation reviewed key budget considerations, including, but not limited to:


  • A video reviewing how property tax rates are calculated
  • A video highlight reel of major successes of 2016
  • The 2017 budget projection and proposed 1.5% increase to the mill rate, and how to calculate impacts to individual taxpayers (dependent on assessment)
  • A review on the change in BC Assessment values over time
  • Impacts of the Provincial industrial tax caps on the other tax paying classes such as residents and businesses
  • A review of the use of Prince Rupert Legacy Inc. to fund major infrastructure improvements and other unusual expenses
  • Opportunities for residents to lessen the impact of property tax payment through the Home Owner Grant Program, or Provincial Tax deferral programs. Suggested to inquire at City Hall for more information on these programs.  


Public Budget Presentation - March 15th 


After the presentation, three questions were presented to those in the audience and tuned in to voting from home. See below for the questions and associated response rates.


  • Do you agree with the city pursuing a regional approach to the funding of shared services (airport/ferry, library)?    YES  - 90%  /   NO – 10%
  • Do you agree with the city's decision to utilize legacy funding for major infrastructure projects to avoid burdening taxpayers?      YES – 70%  /   NO – 30%
  • Do you agree that home and business owners shoulder too much of the tax burden compared to industry?   YES  - 82% /   NO – 18%


During the second consultation on March 20th, a short review of the proposed mill rates was presented, with additional information below:


  • Inclusion of other taxing authority amounts within the property tax notice
  • Opportunities for residents to pay property taxes monthly by contacting City Hall


Public Budget Presentation - March 20th 


Now that public consultations have concluded, Council will proceed to final consideration of the 2017 budget in April, once the finalized property values from BC Assessment are received. Thank you very much to all who participated.



If you were unable to tune in to the Public Consultations, there is a video of the full Budget presentation, here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REhzdPJjeco&t=1925s