Small Backyard Cooking Fires Permitted in City Limits

July 21, 2017

The City of Prince Rupert Fire Department would like to clarify – for those of you looking to indulge in some hot dogs and marshmallows – that small backyard cooking fires are still permitted within City limits. Although there is a Provincial fire ban in effect, municipalities with full-time Fire Departments have the right to set standards within their own communities based on the risks associated with local conditions. However, as fire resources have currently been redirected to address fires throughout the rest of the Province, residents are encouraged to proceed with extreme care and caution and strictly abide by the fire ban on Provincial lands. For reference, Oliver Lake is within City limits, but Prudhomme and Diana Lakes as well as Kloiya Bay are all Provincial lands and therefore under the fire ban. Thank you in advance for your adherence to the ban and for exercising caution this summer.