City Launches Emergency Alert System and Mobile Application

April 10, 2018

The City of Prince Rupert is pleased to release a new subscription Emergency Alert System. The system will provide voice alerts to landlines, text message alerts to mobile users, as well as email alerts to subscribed residents and visitors in case of a local emergency.  As emergency personnel gather more information during an emergency, real-time updates can be provided directly to subscribers regarding local conditions and instructions. This program will complement the new Provincial Alert System by providing residents more context and information on local emergency conditions.


Notifications can also be targeted to your residential location, with the map below provided during registration for people to choose their area of residence. If you would like to receive an alert of any emergency no matter your location, select all sections from the map below when you fill out the form.



Visitors to Prince Rupert can also subscribe to the service by following the link below, and providing the date they will be leaving Prince Rupert, at which time the alerts will be scheduled to expire.  


Interested in subscribing? Go to Below the "Emergency Notifications" logo to the right, click “Residents”, and fill in the online form to register. You should receive immediate notification on your landine phone/cellular phone or email that you have been registered. Paper forms will also be left at the Recreation Complex, Seniors Centre, Library, City Hall, and partner locations for residents to fill out, which will be retrieved by City staff in the coming weeks. Please note that due to privacy regulations surrounding the availability of phone numbers, all residents wishing to receive alerts must subscribe to the service. 


In addition to the new Emergency Alert System, the City has also launched a new free application for your mobile device, developed internally by the City's IT Department. This application not only provides redundancy by sending emergency alert notifications to your cell phone or mobile device, but also provides a wide range of other municipal information - including news alerts, frequently used bylaws, City brochures (including garbage schedule, building permit, and business licensing brochures), notice of road closures and service interruptions, access to the City's YouTube video channel, department contact information, local points of interest, and event listings . The app is available for download at this link as well: , or, by searching for "Prince Rupert" in your mobile application store.