City Operations Moving to Essential Service Provision

Thu, March 19, 2020

MARCH 19th, 2020 -  Please be advised that in the interests of the health of the community and our staff, the City’s Operations Department is moving to essential service provision measures starting at 4:30 pm today. Essential services are the minimum services required to maintain health and safety in the community. The Operations Department will reduce and rotate its staffing to provide safe work environments and uninterrupted service. Although as of posting of this notice, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Prince Rupert, this measure is being taken as an advanced precaution to prevent the potential spread of the virus.

We want to be clear that the following services WILL CONTINUE:

  • Emergency services – including fire and police, with appropriate health protocols in place
  • Household garbage pick up 
    • Please note that the landfill will now be closed to all except commercial haulers, with an increase of household garbage pick up from 2 to 3 bags per week. Commercial haulers may still call ahead to the landfill to arrange drop off of commercial bins at (250) 624 5482. 
    • Illegal dumping is an offense that will be prosecuted. Refuse left throughout the community will pose a significant risk to overall health and safety for residents. We ask that people keep larger waste items that cannot fit in your household garbage on site until such time as we are able to reopen regular landfill services.
  • Emergency water and sewer repairs. For emergency repairs, call (250) 624 6795 and (250) 624 3000 after hours. 
  • Cemetery services. For cemetery services, call (250) 627 0960.

The following services will not be available until further notice:

  • Building inspections
  • Non-essential bylaw functions
  • Non-essential operations

Appointments to speak with staff may still be made by calling our customer support line at (250) 627 0960. In addition, many of our services can be accessed online through our City website at The following are services that are available through the City’s website:

We want to thank all of our hard-working staff who have been assisting us in taking the necessary precautions during this time, while continuing to provide essential services that keep our toilets flushing, and our garbage picked up. We also want to assure the public that all staff who are operating essential services have been advised of appropriate disinfection, social distancing, and mandatory isolation procedures. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Veronika Stewart, Communications Manager
(250) 627 0976