Utility Fees



The City is extending our deadline to qualify for the utility rate discount from March 31st  to April 30th, 2020. City utility rate payers usually must pay utility fees by the end of March in order to qualify for a 10% discount to their bill, however this change has been made to accommodate the extraordinary circumstances.  Please note that this extension will apply to this year (2020), only, and there is no extension to the deadline for property taxes.

Given the current closure of City Hall, alternative payment methods to in-person options are available - such as paying by cheque in the mailslot (delivered to City Hall on or before the due date) or online payment via your financial institution (contact your financial institution for more information). If you pay online via your financial institution, please make sure you do so at least 5 days before the deadline to ensure enough time for processing of payment.


City Utilities provide reliable and efficient water, sewer and solid waste services. The City of Prince Rupert strives to deliver high quality utility services professionally and competitively for the benefit of our community. To provide those services, and invest in future upgrades, the City of Prince Rupert levies annual utility fees from residential, commercial, and industrial property owners.

Utility bills are due by December 31st, and will begin accruing interest effective January 1st and transferred to property taxes if unpaid. Utility bills receive a 10% discount if paid by the end of March each year (extended to April 30th for the 2020 billing year). Please see your bill for the exact date and time the offer is valid.


Payment Methods:

  • Interac at City Hall
  • Cash in Person
  • Cheque in Person / By Mail (delivered to City Hall on or before the due date)
  • Online Payment via Financial Institution (contact your financial institution for more information) - it may take up to 1 week to process payments. Taxes must be received by the deadline or a penalty will be assessed
  • Payments at banks are not accepted


Asset Management

As of 2017, the City of Prince directs a portion of utility fees collected towards the eventual renewal of City utility assets. This fee will be transferred to a respective Asset Management Reserve created by our Asset Management Reserve Bylaws.  This step lessens the burden of asset and infrastructure renewal on future generations, and represents the City’s commitment to sound financial planning.

Not only that, but asset management is now often considered a pre-requisite when applying for grants with other levels of Government. Senior government grant applications are requiring an Asset Management strategy which includes inventory and condition assessments of infrastructure, and long-term financial planning and lifecycle analysis for operation, maintenance and asset renewal.

The City is in receipt of a grant that will assist in setting Asset Management policy, support long-term financial planning and create a detailed inventory of its assets for the purposes of keeping track of their maintenance and replacement. This system can be utilized to help Council continue managing the existing infrastructure and aid in determining the prioritization of infrastructure renewal that the associated reserves are created to fund.