2021 City Budget

Proposed Five Year Financial Plan

This document has been prepared to provide greater public understanding of the financial priorities, policies, constraints, and financial plan for the period 2021-2025.

Proposed 5 Year Financial Plan


2021 Proposed Budget Simulation

The City has introduced a budget simulation whereby you can allocate the city’s revenues to the services provided.  Where would you place the city’s funds?  Here’s your chance to create a balanced budget.

2021 Budget Simulation


Public Budget Consultations

Provide your feedback about the 2021 budget for the March 22 and April 12 meetings.  Click here for how


2021 Budget Presentation

Want to see the Budget Presentation to Council held on March 8th?  Click here


Property Taxes

For information on how property taxes are calculated and this year’s deadline click here


Home Owner Grant

Claiming your homeowner grant has changed.  You will no longer be able to claim the home owner grant at City Hall or through the mail.  Click here for more details